Family Groves
Conservation Burial
& Spreading

Sacred Groves
Memorial Woodland


Green Burials

Green burial forgoes embalming, burial vaults, and non-biodegradable materials in favor of eco-friendly options that allow the body to naturally decompose.

Best Practices

Our practices conform to the highest standards set by The Green Burial Council, ensuring a truly eco-friendly and natural return to the earth.


Conservation Burial

Family Groves is on conserved land, held in perpetuity as a conservation easement designated for cemetery use.

Memorial sites
on the hillside

Walking along a gently used path, family members gather on the forest-covered hillside just as the sun breaks through the fog. Downhill, it will be a couple of hours before the grey mists disperse, exposing a sweeping view of the mountain landscape and coast from the ridgetop prairie and oak groves. The walk to the family grove always brought the conversations to a halt, for a moment.

The memorial sites on the hillside in northwest Humboldt County all have in common what they lack: no headstones or above-ground monuments, no crypts or vaults, no toxic embalming fluids. Bodies are buried in simple caskets or shrouds, meant to decompose, or added to the earth as cremated remains.


A sanctuary where trees
stand as living memorials

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The families each bring their own cultural traditions but share an awe of the place where they have come to remember their departed ones, and celebrate family life-cycle events.

A Sacred Vision.

A Conservation Burial approach will restore a damaged area, enhance an oak woodland, and build a fund for additional conservation.

We are not open yet, but expect to be in just a few months..

The Sacred Groves Gallery