What is Entreement?®



The term “entreement” is used rather than “interment” or “burial”, reflecting the placement of individuals in the root zones of the trees, where their remains quickly ascend into the trees and other plants to nurture and nourish the environment above and around them.

A sanctuary where trees stand as living memorials

Family Groves on conserved land, held in perpetuity as a conservation easement designated for cemetery use.


Harmonious Progression

We understand death as a harmonious progression in the circle of life, a natural chapter in the grand narrative of life. By establishing Family Groves and practicing Entreement™, we honor this transition most purely and organically, allowing bodies to return to the earth free from artificial interventions or any form of entombment.  These practices pave the way for environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling rituals that bind us closer to the Earth.