Best Practices


Best practices for Conservation Burial

The Green Burial Council (GBC) has established specific best practices for Conservation Burial sites to ensure that these areas not only provide a sustainable option for human burial but also contribute significantly to the conservation of natural landscapes. Here's a brief overview of the key best practices as promulgated by the GBC for conservation burial sites:


The primary goal is to protect and enhance the natural environment. This includes establishing conservation objectives for the land, such as habitat restoration or protection of water quality, and implementing land management practices that support these objectives.

Legal Protections:

Conservation burial sites should have legal mechanisms in place, such as conservation easements, to ensure the land is protected in perpetuity. This legal commitment prevents future non-conservation uses of the land.

Natural Burials

All burials must adhere to environmentally sustainable practices. This includes prohibiting the use of embalming fluids, non-biodegradable caskets, and burial vaults. Bodies should be buried in a manner that allows for natural decomposition and return to the earth.

Management Plans

Sites should have comprehensive management plans that outline practices for ecological monitoring, land stewardship, and any necessary ecological restoration to maintain or enhance the conservation values of the property.

Client Care

Conservation burial providers should offer clear information to the public about their operational practices, conservation goals, and the environmental benefits of conservation burial. Education and outreach are encouraged to foster a broader understanding and acceptance of green burial practices.

Cultural Sensitivity

 Recognizing and respecting the cultural and historical significance of the land is essential. Conservation burial practices should be sensitive to and inclusive of the cultural values and heritage of local communities.

Community Involvment

We recognize and value the importance of community and the support that comes from coming together around shared beliefs and practices. Members work together to create a supportive and inclusive community that welcomes people from all walks of life.

A sanctuary where trees stand as living memorials

Family Groves on conserved land, held in perpetuity as a conservation easement designated for cemetery use.