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Oak Grove

Green conservation burial in the root zone of trees in family groves

Incorporation in the active root zone of trees makes 100% of the body's nutrients available in the local ecosystem, to be taken up into the forest or grove, including oak, madrone, redwood, bay laurel and other tree species that dominate this 550-acre working ranch, now being preserved as part of a conservation network of biodiversity in the region.  

The core concept establishes Family Groves, small groves in oak woodland, perpetually designated for ceremonial use, including burial, family rituals, and nature conservation.  A family grove, depending on the site, is ~400-2500 square feet with 4-6 trees. Only approved California native species will be used. 

 We honor those who have come and gone before us, starting with the first peoples and continuing through today. Community engagement is central, with a focus on dialog, partnerships, and inclusion.


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An alternative to interment

“Entreement” is offered as an alternative to interment, with the body’s physical elements ascending into the trees.

Sacred Groves Society

A Sacred Groves Society aims to pioneer a non-denominational, nature-connected approach to burial, embodying principles of land conservation, natural burial, and a community that shares a profound reverence for nature.

We are currently organized as a Public Benefit Religious Corporation, registered by the State of California. This structure acknowledges the connection among clients in a community of like-minded people who appreciate deep connections to nature and wild ecosystems, including natural burial.


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